Smoozie E-Liquid 60ML

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Awesome Apple Sour: Apples, Apples and more Apples! That's what you get when you get yourself a bottle of Awesome Apple! A clean, refreshing Apple Sour that will have you begging for more!
Awesome Apple Sour Ice: Tangy, tart Sour Apples just got really cool! Awesome Apples Ice is a blast of Apples, Apples and... you guessed it! More Apples with a blast of a refreshing Ice kick! So cool and so smooth, you'll be grabbing your next bottle in no time!

Blue Rizzle: Juicy blue raspberries blended with sweet watermelon and tart green apples in smooth vape that will tantalize your taste buds.
Blue Rizzle Ice: What makes this instant classic even better? Ice is the answer! This delicious blend of juicy raspberries, watermelon, apples with a cool kick of menthol creates a sweet yet refreshing vape that is sure to impress!

Maui Waui: A punchin' Pineapple sliced and diced with magnificent Mangoes and sweet Strawberries in a smoothie you can't put down!
Maui Waui Ice: A Pineapple and Mango medley blended with sweet Strawberries and a touch of Ice in this Menthol version of this delicious classic.

Strawberries Gone Wild: Strawberries mashed with radical Raspberries and tart Green Apples with a smooth kick you won't be able to resist!
Strawberries Gone Wild Ice: Strawberries mashed with Raspberries and tart Green Apples with an Icy hit to satisfy even the most discerning Menthol vaper.

Wondermelon Berry Sour: When taste buds are in danger of boring flavors, Wondermelon Berry Sour is here to save the day! A sweet yet smooth and easy to vape blend of Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Strawberries, Wondermelon Berry Sour will have you wondering why we've been hiding this sweet flavor this whole time!
Wondermelon Berry Sour Ice: What's more wonderful than Wondermelon? Wondermelon Berry Ice! Packed with mouth-watering Watermelon, crazy Cantaloupe and sweet Strawberry all on Ice! Your favorite Melon/Berry mix blasted with chilling Ice that'll make any busy city or inland town like a day at the beach.