Koil Killaz Salt

Koil Killaz Salt

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Koil Killaz is a premium e-liquid line, featuring bright fruit flavours from around the world. A selection of fresh concoctions crafted by mysterious great apes, to soothe the gorilla inside of you. An evolution of satisfaction.

In a tropical forest, filled with mystical creatures, set free to run wild and free, the beast has come to its domain and laying waste to all it sets its eyes on!

Do you dare to take a chance and cross paths with this barbaric creature? Waiting for you is the taste of ruthless eliquid, hand-crafted by Koil Killaz that has been captured by this vicious monster.

Koil Killaz eliquid is a forbidden recipe which legend tells of being the sweetest juice ever made with the ability to quench any thirst. Lost in the wild tropical forest, this elixir is guarded by the beast...will you challenge it?

Koil Killaz e-liquids are suitable for all vapes. Some flavours in their line include Blitz which is a refreshing mix with pear and Fury, which has a sour pineapple and blackcurrant with creamy coconinfused ut taste. Then there is Savage which is a perfect blend of bright watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry that compliments not overpower each other and finally, Rampage a perfectly curated balance of sour fruits and mango for a kick of flavour. All of these e-liquids are the perfect level of sweetness, sourness, and coolness.