Four Seasons Fine Tobacco Salt

Four Seasons Fine Tobacco Salt

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Four Seasons Fine Tobacco

The Four Seasons Fine Tobacco collection is a masterful selection of the world’s finest tobacco vape juice. It has an extraordinary list of flavors, which range from an industry classic, such as RY4 Tobacco, to more unique blends, like Desert Tobacco. These phenomenal flavors have been expertly crafted by the industry’s top mixologists. Each flavor features a complex blend using naturally extracted tobacco to ensure that you receive an authentic experience. This take on traditional tobacco blends will certainly have you and your taste buds completely satisfied, giving you the urge to call Four Seasons Fine Tobacco your all-day-vape.

Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is the industry’s latest big hit. Since its inception, tobacco connoisseurs all around the globe have been flocking to this fascinating collection of tobacco vape juice. Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is manufactured in a clean, state-of-the-art facility and operates under the FDA’s guidelines with a PMTA submission for each delicious flavor in both freebase and salt form. The Four Seasons Fine Tobacco brand has created cigarette-like packaging to maintain the theme of tobacco and fills each package with a 30mL bottle. Freebase nicotine strengths including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. Salt nicotine strengths include 30mg and 50mg.

Four Seasons Fine Tobacco Review

RY4 Tobacco

RY4 Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is one of the industry’s most recognized tobacco flavors. It comes rich in history and truly sets a tone for those who wholeheartedly enjoy the fine taste of traditional tobacco. This incredible blend uses a mild tobacco base that is subtly sweet. To create the unique taste everyone knows and loves, a seamless blend of caramel and vanilla undertones are infused. The result is a semi-sweet trio of flavors with a tobacco base that will never get too old to enjoy.

American Tobacco

American Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is a fascinating addition to the collection, boasting yet the same take on American tobacco you’ve become familiar with throughout your past time. This full-bodied blend of satisfying flavor recreates the classic American tobacco by using naturally extracted tobacco to create an authentic taste. This remarkable flavor profile offers that rough and rugged taste that even our forefathers praised, giving you no choice but to call it a true American Tobacco.

Menthol Tobacco

Menthol Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is just the tobacco blend you’ve been looking for if you are a fan of menthol. This brilliantly crafted vape juice flavor provides an authentic taste you can could on by meshing together two traditional tastes every tobacco connoisseur is familiar with. It uses a clean and crisp fresh menthol and combines it with a smooth natural tobacco base. The outcome is the perfect Menthol Tobacco vape juice that any tobacco fan can appreciate.

Desert Tobacco

Desert Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is a blend that you won’t often run into. It claims its spot-on name by using dry-aged middle eastern tobacco. This incredible taste in flavor has been used for centuries while trekking the sand dunes by camel. Four Seasons Fine Tobacco was able to obtain this natural tobacco extract and combine it with the finest ingredients to create an industry-favorite tobacco vape juice blend. If you want to venture off and open your palette to a whole new way to experience the tobacco flavor, enjoying this Desert Tobacco is the right path.


Menthol by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is another remarkable blend added to the Four Seasons Fine Tobacco collection because let’s be honest, menthol and tobacco just go hand-in-hand. Although this mixture doesn’t include tobacco, it is made from a natural menthol, ensuring that you receive an authentic taste throughout your vaping experience. This bone-chilling concoction consists of pure menthol, delivering clean, cool menthol in every puff you take.

Turkish Tobacco

Turkish Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco is truly one of the finest tobacco experiences you will ever embark on. Turkish flavored tobacco is known throughout the world for its unique taste. Many of our past time favorites, such as Camel and Virginia tobacco used the sun-cured Turkish mix because of its specially prepared flavor. The Turkish Tobacco by Four Seasons Fine Tobacco recreates the age-old blend using a natural tobacco extract to present an aromatic Latakia tobacco that tastes just like it did when originally produced in Syria.

Four Seasons Fine Tobacco vape juice is by far one of the industry’s best collections on the market. It was designed strictly for tobacco enthusiasts and crafted using the finest ingredients and a natural tobacco extract to deliver the authentic taste your taste buds crave. If you are looking for high-quality tobacco vape juice flavors, you’ve finally found it here.