Clapton Coil Kanthal 28GA*2+32GA

Clapton Coil Kanthal 28GA*2+32GA

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The new UD Clapton Coils, the easiest and by far most convenient way to get a twisted wire in your everyday builds! Our UD wire come in a variety of gauges and styles. Each Coil is machine twisted for the tightest, most precise weave and high consistency throughout each spool! Twisted wire coils have the amazing benefit of more surface area which allows for amazing power and out-of-this-world hits. High quality wire, perfect for rebuilding atomizers.

These also come 10 per case.

32G X 2 + 28G kanthal (15 Feet)

26ga nichrome + 32ga kanthal (15 Feet)

26ga + 32G kanthal (15 Feet)