7 Daze - Reds Apple E-Liquid 30ml

7 Daze - Reds Apple E-Liquid 30ml

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Reds Apple E-Juice is one of the best if not the best Apple Juice flavor ever made in e-liquid form.
The Reds Apple E-Juice is available in 5 flavors, Regular and Iced.

Reds Apple Juice is sweet and crisp Red Apple juice, a reminiscent of everyone's favorite boxed apple juice.
Reds Apple Iced is a chilled and refreshing apple juice taste like its straight out of the freezer.

Reds Apple Grape is a red apple mix with ripe, juicy red grapes.

Reds Apple Berries is an amazing blend of raspberry, blueberry, and pomegranate mixed with the iconic Reds apple juice.

Reds Apple Watermelon is a mouthwatering delicious blend of Reds apple juice with a Watermelon finish.

Reds Apple Mango is a burst of juicy mango added to Reds apple juice that adds a sweet and silky twist to iconic e-juice.